about the project

The project will be run through two parallel lines of collaboration.

1st line


  1. Students will gain an appreciation for the plants in their world.
  2. Students will develop an understanding of how plants grow.
  3. Students will gain an understanding of how plants are used by people


  1. Students will gain an interest in learning about plants by understanding the similarities in survival needs among all living things.
  2. Students will be able to sort, classify, and graph by manipulating different kinds of seeds and creating graphs to visually show what they have.
  3. Students will be able to identify and label the basic parts of a plant, including: root, stem, leaves, flower, and petals, by creating their own flower and explaining it to the teacher or their classmates.
  4. Introduce children to the concept that plants have various parts.
  5. Help students to understand the basic functions of each of these structures.
  6. Children will learn about plants and the elements (food, water, and sun) necessary for plant growth.
  7. The students will enhance their small motor skills by learning to measure with a ruler.
  8. The children will be introduced to graphs and will learn to display information through graphing.
  9. Children will learn to draw conclusions by comparing and analyzing the information found on graphs.
  10. Teach the children that all plants come from a seed.
  11. Help the students to understand that different kinds of seeds produce different kinds of plants.
  12. Familiarize children with the characteristics of seeds (ways various seeds are different and the same).

2nd line

We are going to work on